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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lazy Sunday Morning

Oh I had GREAT plans for early morning today but could not seem to drag my fanny out of bed. Now I'm paying for the lazing about as my back is stiff and painful and the sun is all ready up and the heat and humidity are all ready up... EVERYTHING beat me up this morning. Tesla even came to get us and was doing his best "bladder bounce" and loud meows. Nick came flying in as the mocking bird is also ALL READY UP and had been pecking him on his tail and squawking up a storm at him. Tonight I better be in bed by 9 at the latest as tomorrow it's back to work... early.

Books-a-million purchases
Yesterday Scott and I went out and about a little bit just to get out of the house. We went to Tuesday Morning but they were closed for Inventory until July 9th. Then we went to Books-a-Million and I found a book on "Green" gardening and I picked up a crossword book for Scott as it is a new form of enjoyment for him. Both books were in the marked way down section... mine was $4.97 and Scott's was $2.97... woo hoo BIG SPENDERS!

Harbor Freight Purchases
Then we went to Five Guys for burgers and fries. We sat and watched the pigeons watching us eat through the window. And we watched the little finches checking out every outside table for morsels. After we finished eating we drove through downtown Columbia and then decided to check out the Goodwill on St Andrews - didn't find a thing there. Then we went into Citi-Trends... UGHHHHHHHH!!!! Talk about whore clothes for your toddler. SCAREY place. If I had a little girl she would be in handmade outfits that made her look like a little girl. The things young mothers are putting on their daughters is absolutely appalling! Then we walked further down and went to Harbor Freight... why not we were there right? I found a neat painting device to cut in around ceilings, windows and doors ($1.99) and a can of canned air ($3.99) - AGAIN BIG SPENDERS! Our most expensive stop was at Five Guys - lunch was over $18; but their burgers are just like homemade.

Then last night Scott's brother, David invited us over for Quesadias. We enjoyed our time there and the food was good. After we left there we drove down to the boat ramp and then sat along side the road for awhile watching the Indigo Buntings fly about. We tried to get some photos but those birds are so shy that when they see movement at all they are gone. Then it was back home and getting ready for bed.
Yesterdays breakfast

Yesterday morning Scott asked for homemade biscuits with sausage, egg and cheese so that is what I made. We have some leftover biscuits for breakfast this morning as well. I'm wondering though if he is ever going to get up as he is still sacked out in the bed. Sunday's he usually cooks breakfast but I'm going to do it if he doesn't get up soon as I'm hungry! The cats have all ready assumed their "after breakfast" locations for their first naps of the day.

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.


  1. Enjoy your lazy Sunday Becky but knowing you I think there will be no lazy:) B

  2. Sounds like you two had a great Saturday! It's Sunday night here and I've had a lazy afternoon just crocheting squares while watching TV. (it's winter here though) Have a great Sunday!


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