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Thursday, July 12, 2012


That is how long I've been keeping this blog... six years! So many ups, downs... joys and tears as well as friendships made all over this planet. I'm thankful for all who follow our life's adventures and I'm glad our life will be recorded for our son to look back on when we are no longer here on this Earth. As well as his children and our future generations to have a way to "know" us. I feel this blog is my gift to the future. I thoroughly enjoy reading the blogs I have listed in my blog roll everyday. I find myself worrying about those that have not posted in awhile and hope that they are ok.


  1. Well Done Becky! 6 years! It is lovely to be able to leave a 'dairy' for our loved ones and our friends. We are lucky you choose to share little bits of your life with us all, and I look forward to the next 6 years :) Ruth xxx

  2. Congratulations Becky I had no idea I have only known you my blogger friend for two and a bit that is how long I been going. We should have a celebration cake I like cake:)hug. B

  3. That's a great achievement Becky! I love reading your blog and I thank you for the lovely comments that you leave on my blog :-)

  4. I have found also that is nice keeping contact with fellow bloggers as I have formed a connection with those who I follow. It is nice to share our experiences and lives with others. I have appreciated your regular comments. I wish you well for your future blogging and look forward to following your posts.

  5. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Becky! It has been a treat to get to know you and I look forward to the years of getting to know you better ahead.

    I'd never thought of a blog legacy, but it certainly will be. That's cool.

    And I find myself worrying when someone hasn't posted or has been posting about stress and concern. It is amazing how strong and real these friendship are.

    Happy anniversary!


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