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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

STEP BACK.... Christmas

Here comes HALLOWEEN! That is what is occurring the next two weeks at the store. I set 3 Fall/Halloween end-caps and 4 out of 5 power panels. Lets see if I can remember them all... Halloween Styrofoam crafting; Fall baskets and a Glitter end-cap. Once I had those three set and filled where I was able I moved on to the power panels (those little sections that hang off the sides of end-caps - for those not in Retail)... let's see  Spiders, crystal pumpkins, glitter balls, butterflys and bats and the one I didn't get to was Halloween moss (I think). Boy was I ready to leave - did all that in 5 1/2 hours AND relocated products that were in my way of setting these up - no wonder they want to keep me.

Next week the Halloween villages and the decor will arrive... FUN STUFF! I wish I could take pictures to share but it is HIGHLY against Company Policy and I want to keep my job. If I buy anything I will share photos I take here at home.

I'm trying to ward off a baking frenzy! I'm craving sweets REALLY bad today and may end up giving in. I can always take a tray into work as I know it won't last long there.

Last week we went to a new restaurant called 2108 State and I finally figured out how to get the photo I took from our table off my phone. We had just gotten there as they were opening for "dinner" hours. Here are some reviews:

Their Facebook Page:

If you follow the link to 2108 State you can see their menu too. Everything we ordered was DELICIOUS! And I recommended it to my Boss and he took his family there a few nights later and they all loved it as well. We will defintely go there again soon.

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  1. It is nice to dine out and treat yourself occasionally! I have a sweet tooth too!


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