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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid-Week... ALL READY?

Wow this week has been flying by as I've been working 6 1/2 hour shifts everyday and then I come home eat lunch and nap. The whole eat, sleep and go to work cycle. I'm not complaining as we need the money and I'm REALLY glad it's not 10 and 12 hour shifts like I used to work... those got old real quick. I went to bed last night at a little after 8 and got up at 2... WOO HOO 7 Full hours of sleep.

I even made breakfast which was real nice as the past two days I was lucky to grab a bite of toast and a cup of coffee. I made pancakes using the recipe that I use all the time that can be found in Joy of Cooking. I mixed them up in the pouring bowl my sister, Robin made for me. Then I scrambled some eggs in another bowl that she made for me..
Robin has a shop on Etsy now where she sells her handcrafted items. Here is a link to her shop... Clay Baby Pottery Check her out if you like handcrafted items.

WOW! The Holiday Season's are upon us... today part of Halloween arrived and is all set up! Not the village ... yet but that will be arriving soon enough. Gorgeous Fall, Halloween and CHRISTMAS ribbons. And new scrap-booking paper pads that are gorgeous! Back to school is everywhere and there is even a drive to get more people into cake decorating classes so they'll be pro's in time to WOW people with fancy desserts during the Holidays. So many new yarns are in the yarn department as well.... time to get crafty!

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  1. What I would do for 7 hours sleep! It's a bit cooler here at the moment! Here is my new blog


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