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Thursday, July 26, 2012

YEAH! Feeling Better and the Weekend is nearly here...

Yesterday morning I was asked to shift my schedule to a 7 AM arrival instead of 5 as the truck was coming at a different time and they wanted me there to work on plan-o-grams in preparation for the truck's delivery. So I was here for sunrise and I was gifted this amazing sight. It was amazing!

Then last evening when I took some trash and recycling out to the containers I scared up 3 nestlings - 3 sweet little doves. This one landed on Greg's truck and just sat there watching me so I came inside and grabbed the camera. It was such a sweet little thing sitting there watching me.
 There was a Realtor and family looking at the house next door and they came to see what I was photographing and I talked a bit with them. It looks like a young couple with a sweet baby girl are going to be our new neighbors but we will see if they are able to get it. They've reduced the price so much... $112,000; which makes it a real steal for that couple. I hope they are able to get it. 

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  1. Happy to hear your feeling better..Add a relaxing weekend to that!


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