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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Must have been a ruff night.
I slept in until 6 this morning! I was glad for the little extra sleep. I took my first cup of coffee out and sat on the front steps calling for Nick and as I waited for his fluffy fanny to appear I listened to the birds start their day. I believe a Pileated Woodpecker was in the tall pines down the street as it kept calling and calling; I wish I could have seen it. The Mocking Birds were making a lot of noise here in the front yard and went on the attack when Nick finally appeared and came running up the street. Those birds give him such a hard time.

We don't really have anything planned for this weekend but the yard needs to be mowed and the laundry needs to be done as usual. I have some other projects that I'd like to get accomplished as well but they depend on the weather staying clear as it is a bunch of trimming out in the yard; it's pretty overcast at the moment.

Yesterday before I left work I was given my yearly review and am now earning 32 cents more an hour. YEAH! That will pay about 1/3 of my new health care cost. Oh well ... it was a nice thought while it lasted. At least I can go to the Doctor now if I get sick.... if I can pull the Co-Pay out of the sky that is.

Something we must get accomplished is to write up a really good post on our 10 Acres and get it listed on Craig's List and in the Market Bulletin. We also need to get a For Sale by Owner sign up out on the land. We are going to go this route for now and see if we can sell it on our own to cut down on the cost.

Handmade Stick-pins
Yesterday after I got home from work I decided to make a few stick pins. The corsage pins I have are only 2" long so these are quite short but I think they still turned out quite lovely. I'm going to looking for some longer pins to use in the future. I will use these in paper crafting projects.

Hand beaded needle cases.
I also worked some more on the beaded needle cases. I have the second one nearly beaded... just need one more complete round around and the tiny bit of red you see in the picture. I have the first one setting beside the second so you can see the difference in them. Just by changing where you use colors will make the same design look quite different. I'm going to bead one more and then sew them into the cases. I will make mine eventually but I want to get the 3 sent off to their owners before anymore time passes. These just turned out to be way more labor intensive than I thought they would. Without reading glasses I can barely see the lines to do them. My vision was always 20/20 until I hit about 45 and then it's just been down hill since then.

The sun is trying to make an appearance. Perhaps I will be able to get the lawn mowed today. The back yard is the worst so that is where I will start... for the poor dogs sake. Amelia will bark and bark with joy when I pull the mower out. I just have to wait for the grass to get a little more dry before I start which means it will probably be the hottest part of the day when I'm out there mowing. We have a 50% chance of rain today but hopefully it will hold off a little while.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Becky, first HOORAY, You got sleep in! Love the beading, and am quite awe-struck that anyone can do that type way with my eye sight could I ever attempt such an art..
    Have a Great Weekend..Don't over-do it with the yard work!
    Dh & I are finally ( read saved enough money ) able to purchase a new (smaller) window for our living room..and a neighbor who does construction is going to install ..I have waited years and years for the old large ugly window to be I'm VERY happy to go shopping which is not usually the case..:)

  2. Love the stickpins and the beaded needle cases are looking're so clever. I agree with Deana, don't overdo the yard work.


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