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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's the Little Things

We arrived back at  the cottage and all is well. Scott came back up on Sunday and I returned on Monday as Monday morning I had to take Piper for her second booster shots. Piper had gained a full pound since her last visit and continues to grow like a weed. I am so glad Greg has her for companionship but I miss her antics and chirpy meow. I will get a kitten or cat once we are in a home our own.

Scott bought me a couple of little things to make my life a little more comfortable. First was a pair of "Glamour Gloves" to protect my  hands while doing dishes. I LOVE these as my hands were getting SO dry and cracking. The only problem I had was getting them back off so I am going to go buy some baby powder to put inside the gloves. Aren't they "SPIFFY"?

Next he knows how much I love hot tea so he got me a beautiful red kettle to heat water for my tea. I just love it... so SHINY!

I brought a bunch of my paper crafting goodies and craft paint up so I can craft away while Scott is at work. And that of course makes me VERY happy!!!! Although I think my eyes were bigger  than my available space but I will work it all out. Once I get that all sorted out I will share my set up here.

I still LOVE my short little strand of star lights over the kitchen window. Such a soft and comforting light to wash dishes below.

Life really is all about the little things! ENJOY ALL OF THEM!

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  1. It's the little things in life, that bring a lot of joy, and make life more bearable during rough times.

    Enjoy them all ~ FlowerLady


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