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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy Rainy Sunday

Awoke to it raining once again... It is so hard to get anything done when it is raining. We so want to get Scott's new shed painted but the rain won't stay away long enough for us to do it on the weekends. We did get the raw trim parts nearly done with the primer before we ran out of primer. We did discover after dark that we do in deed have another gallon of Primer so we will try again next weekend.

We went to Home Depot  last night and got some more supplies for projects at the little house for this week so I will be pretty busy working on that.  I will be sure to take some before and after pictures to share as we go.

Greg is coming down with something and I am hoping and praying it is not the flu. He has congestion and a sore throat; I've told him to go to the Doctor tomorrow if it gets any worse so he can be tested for the Type A flu as it is running wild here in South Carolina. The sooner he can get started with the Tami-flu the better. I will be worrying about him all week but he is grown and I have to trust he will do what is the best for himself.

I guess I better get some breakfast started and finish up the laundry so we can head back to the little house this afternoon. We will be driving into a wintery mix unless it clears off early.


  1. Weather has such an impact sometimes, doesn't it?? Woke to -17*F here so Matt won't be hanging any laundry out back for me (we love line dried laundry in the winter!!) . . Since we are stuck indoors we are busy sorting the house to move . . And enjoying each others company . .


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