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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Scott's Control Center

I spent today scrubbing down cornices, baseboards and picture rails in part of the main living area so that I could rearrange furniture and get Scott's desk set up so that he could get his computer up and running. It benefited me as well as now I have full use of the laptop.

Tomorrow I am to expect the electrician back out to finish some work and I need to call the fuel oil company to have more heating oil delivered.

This morning I went out and filled the two bird feeders and a suet cake holder and had fun watching the chickadees for awhile while I was eating lunch. I would really like to find a Shepherds hook to hang one of the feeders closer to the windows that we can easily see out of everyday.

I hope  that my car will be ready by next week so  that while Scott is working I can do some exploring up here. I guess thats all I have for today.


  1. You are making yourselves right at home here in this new little space. I love those scalloped window treatments too. Quaint!

    May this next part of your life's adventure work out well.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. I so hope so too. Scott seems quite happy with his new job and I will adjust but I miss o ur son and the critters when we are up here and they are at the other house. Hopefully we will be able to find a home of our own or have one built within the next year.

  2. I hope the settling in is going very well--glad the birds are keeping you amused while you eat. I do enjoy those cheerful chickadees! I need to scrub some baseboard at my place, but....


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