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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Escaped to Cayce

Friday Scott's Boss told him to go ahead and get out of work as the weather was just getting nastier by the minute. So Scott called me and told me to get things together so we could get out of Greenville before the worst of the storm arrived.When he got back to the cottage we loaded up and got out of there as quick as we could.
This is one of the Cedar trees near the driveway; it was getting quite heavy with ice at about 11 AM Friday. The storm seemed to follow us for quite awhile and the winds were picking up.The icing stopped on the trees about an hour South of Greenville and we were glad to be in clear weather. It's been cold here in Cayce but no ice just a few dusty snow flurries. Scott will be going back up to the cottage tomorrow and I will follow on Tuesday. Monday I have to take Piper to get her booster shots and ask what the next step will be in the treatment on the dogs for the heart worms.

Since we got down here Friday we were able to pick my car up from the transmission shop.... $1735.80 later I have a rebuilt transmission. Scott wanted to get an alignment since they had so much disconnected working on the transmission so we headed straight to the Tire and Alignment shop... well my car needed a tie rod end... so about another $215 later I am safe to be on the road. We also bought windshield wiper blades for both of our cars and Scott will install them tomorrow. Scott also filled up both cars wiper reservoirs with de-icer windshields wiper fluid.

Then this morning Greg's says the Power steering pump is going bad on the truck so we bought him a new power steering pump... another $50! UGH! He will take the old one back and get a $16 core refund. It just seems like all the vehicles are listening to each other and are having jealousy tantrums! Now lets hope and pray thats IT for awhile!

I think Piper has missed Scott more than me as anytime he is still she is on him.


  1. I hope your will safely make it back up to the cottage. The blizzard pics have been amazing.

    Hope your car woes are over for quite awhile too.

    Have a nice Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. I hope the cars serve you well now that they're all spiffed up. Its a shame they've become so necessary to our modern lives, right? Such a hassle to deal with..... Still. It is nice to go place and see this big beautiful world, right?! Gosh, that is a cute kitty! Stay warm!


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