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Thursday, February 19, 2015

3:47 AM --- 27*F... Feels like 15*F

Can I stay home? I know it is so much colder in other places but this is COLD for us! I don't even own a heavy coat so I will have to layer up heavily this morning. I am ever so THANKFUL we have heat! When I get home from work today I will be letting the dogs hang out in the bonus room for awhile. Yesterday they got out of the yard some how. Either someone opened a gate or the wind was so strong it opened a gate. Our neighbor was ringing the door bell last evening to let us know Bernadette was running around in her front yard. I let her in the house and went to see where she got out - thats when I discovered Amelia was also out of the back yard. I couldn't find any way they could have gotten out other than someone or something  opening one of the latches on one of the gates. I started calling Amelia and she came right to the gate and I let her in - she was so tired. Poor old girl wore herself out running wild.

I'm going to follow along with an Art Journal prompt/activity that I came across on You Tube a  few days ago. It's called Journaling By 5's.  Last night I spent about an hour gluing pages in a cheap Composition notebook to create 20 thicker pages to handle the prompts. Tonight I will be starting on part one - Paint and ink. You have to cover one side of each page with paint in a 15 minute session... all 20 pages in 15 minutes. Should be loads of fun and I am going to use my oldest paints just to get them used up before they go totally bad. This is what it looks like this morning... nice and fat!

Monday I finished a crocheted cat bed for Tesla... he liked it for about 30 minutes. He would much rather lay on something we have recently taken off. But it is there for him if he ever decides he needs it again.

Well time to get ready for work. BRRRR... so wishing I could stay home in this nice warm house.

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