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Saturday, February 07, 2015


HELLO! Or should I say "Hey Ya' all!" It's been a FULL week of happenings! Monday and Tuesday our new 4 ton Gas Pack was installed so we are happily warm once more! If it wasn't 28*F out there right now I would go outside and get a better picture. I took this one through my craft room window. We are so thrilled with the installation and would happily recommend Wilson Heating and Cooling to ANYONE in the Columbia SC area!

During the week while sitting around I made a few things too.
A birthday card for a 5 year old little girl.
And a couple more Valentin cards for the swap I instigated on You Tube 

Then yesterday we had to get everything moved away from the walls in our Bonus Room that is Scott's playroom so that Cayce Exterminating could do our yearly termite inspection. This is a GREAT thing as it has got Scott cleaning up in there and going through things. He is throwing some things out and re-organizing his space as he goes. We have some plans to make the space even more User friendly and may even get to a point where he and I can share the space and we will have a spare bedroom for guests to stay in eventually. Here is how his room is looking this morning...

In the last picture you see two windows in a little alcove; we are planning to install a window seat there with storage underneath and then floor to ceiling shelving or cabinets all along  the wall to the right  and over to the door into the kitchen. It will give us TONS of storage space. I am THRILLED we are making some changes to meet our needs here and down sizing our belongings as we go. I mean how much "STUFF" is enough. I would love to get to where we are just storing things we will use within a month or two instead of YEARS. 

And my final picture will be of Mr Tesla! He thinks we've had a tremendous Cat Warmer installed just for him in the kitchen...
Poor Old Boy - he just doesn't handle being cold well at all anymore. He is 15 now.

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