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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trash Day!

Tuesday is trash day here at the house and I have gotten the main stuff out to the street. The lady that walks around the neighborhood with her empty stroller and goes through peoples trash has all ready been by our house. I didn't have anything she found worthy of taking home and adding to her next yard sale in which she will let you buy very little. Scott and I went to one yard sale and saw some of our old junk and when we ask how much someone else's junk was she'd say, "Oh thats not for sale". It was kinda of hilarious and sad. I'd hate to be her family when she passes away and have to get rid of all that JUNK.

I'm going over to the store in awhile to work in the office and get it cleaned back up... hopefully it'll take just an hour or two as I don't want to spend ALL day in there on my day off.

I bought a new book on fitting clothes patterns and want to sit and read in it some today. It's called FAST FIT Easy Pattern Alterations for Every Figure by: Sandra Betzina. The clothes they sell at the stores are just not made for a 43 year old woman. I keep getting told I don't look THAT old and when I tell people I have a 21 year old son they about fall on the floor. I just don't want to dress like a teenager and I'm NOT ready for granny clothes just yet. There has to be a happy medium between comfort clothes and hot mama!

I also want to be sure to leave some time for house cleaning today.. it REALLY needs my attention.

I slept so hard last night that I didn't even hear Scott get up this morning and he was about dressed and ready to head out the door when I finally woke up. Yesterday was exhausting!

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