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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hometown pictures

I decided to go ahead and post some pictures that I took along the main street of my hometown of Greene, New York. I've always enjoyed old buildings and the decorative embellishments that they used to add to every building. The Sherwood is the only motel in Greene and they were full of the members of the class of 1950. Thats why I ended up driving into Norwich and staying at the Super 8. Greene does have several Bed & Breakfast's but they are a bit more than I wanted to spend for 2 days stay. The little Variety Store has ALWAYS been there. I used to go there with my Grandparents and they would buy me a quarters worth of candy... remember each piece was just 2 or 3 cents at that time. When I got to be about 12 they went to being the 5 and Dime candy store. They STILL have the original candy jars by the counter even though it is laid out differently now. They have a parrot named George as a mascot in the store and they sell items with his likeness on it with GEORGE OF GREENE printed on them as well. I bought some yarn there for just $1 to $1.50 a skein that anywhere else would cost 5 or 6 dollars each. It's that fun and funky yarns that everyone down here loves! The other two photos are of buildings that have always intrigued me even as a child.

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