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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another week begins!

I wrapped up last week last night with TOO much vodka! I guess I'm too old to drink like that anymore as I'm hurting this morning! OH WELL! I needed the indulgence as I rarely drink and needed the release last night. I'll survive but will try to remember moderation next time. OUCH!

I was sitting here thinking about the little cottage and I came to the realization that we will need to decrease our belongings by 2/3 to fit into a smaller dwelling. I believe that we could very well do this but it may take a little time. I'm reluctant to get rid of much of my sewing/ crafting supplies as I can visualize those as a way to make money and stay home. We may very well have to build workshops for both of our hobbies. Perhaps a two story barn with me upstairs and Scott down or shared space in one building but divided in half. I'm always thinking! Perhaps opening a small store front at the road to sell my handiwork and Scott's wood working. He has also spoke about going to Tech to get his journeyman's license so that he could do electrical work. I'm sure we would make things happen for ourselves.

We also plan to grow a lot of our own food so we can be sure of it's content. It seems everyday we are hearing about another Ebola or salmonella occurrence. When we loose touch on how things are grown and prepared we are putting our health at risk.

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