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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Illness has struck!

Scott and I both have developed some nice head colds. We got up this morning and raided the medicine cabinet before we started coffee and cleaning up a bit. Scott has all ready unloaded the dishwasher and started reloading it with the dirty dishes we created just before bed last night. I went around and gathered up laundry and put a load of towels over to wash. I wanted to clear off our dining room table again so that I can use it for the scrapbook project I mentioned in an earlier post. And tonight on my day off I'm going in to work from 7 to 11 to push freight. Hopefully between Lenora, Sonya, Faith and I we will get the majority out to the sales floor. SO much Christmas! And we HAVE to clean clean clean as we go as a week from tomorrow I am to expect a visit from the RVP and VP... YIKES! I'm just hoping that I don't get my A _ _ handed to me on a platter! This is NOT a good time for me to become ill!

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