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Monday, September 24, 2007


YEAH! The little cottage plans are so sweet! I can hardly wait to build it.

I may work on pulling down some more paneling in the den so Scott can hang another sheet of Sheetrock or two tonight. He stuccoed the ceiling where the built in shelves used to be and you can hardly notice it's new compared to the old except for where the old framing ended and left a dirt strip. We will paint it with Kilz and then white paint. Once we finish the den we will be tearing into our kitchen... should be FUN! LOL! Got to think up a new layout and cabinet arrangement. The cabinets will be white... we know that much for now. I'd like to open up the two rooms to each other more. Scott is talking about putting in recessed lighting above the counter tops and I'm all for that as it's always been too dark in there. I like the concept of some glass fronted upper cabinets but Scott doesn't seem too keen on that idea. And I have to keep in mind we are doing all this to make this house more exciting to a buyer and not for me. We want to get the most "bang for our buck".

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