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Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am so happy to be off from work today. Scott and I are planning to drive up to our ten acres in awhile and walk around if it's not raining. And we may go to this seafood restaurant that we pass and that seems to always be busy.... must be good to draw that many people. Just a nice quiet chill out day!

I would also like to "play" some in my craft room... mainly clean up in there and organize some more. I have some scrap book pages that I have to get done for a family project thats in the works for next month. And I have got to work on the 1000 triangle quilt some more as we will NEED it shortly with Fall's arrival.

Scott discovered a building plan for an adorable cottage on line and I printed it off and have it hung over my desk. We still want the Deltec home built but an interim dwelling would be this small (less than 800 square foot) cabin that we could later use for a guest house. It's really quite adorable with a wrap around porch to enjoy at different times of the day. And we could build it quickly and move up there sooner. We still have to finish working on this house first and have it ready to sell come Spring. I'm so ready for a HUGE change... where we live and work!

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