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Monday, September 17, 2007

Thats pretty bad !

Two people in one night thought I had just up and disappeared as I am NEVER home anymore.My neighbor across the street said that she misses seeing me in the yard and talking about the latest sewing project... what is THAT? AND then my Mother-in-law says that she wished that "we'd see more of ya'!" If things keep going the way they are at work they may not have that worry as I may be home again once more. I just can't seem to motivate my employees these days. My rear end is REALLY on the line in one week! Not sure I like this much stress in my life. Will see which way the wind blows.

On a brighter note FALL is showing sign's of it's arrival the air is a bit crisp tonight. THANK GOODNESS! I LOVE Fall colors and the wonderful soul warming foods of this time of year. Home made soups, corn bread, homemade pumpkin pies, stewed apples and apple pies. The beautiful quilts that are entered into the state fair and children's happy smiles in pumpkin patches.

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