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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Just HOW MUCH can I do in ONE DAY?!

Yesterday I helped push about half of last weeks delivery to the floor - when I'm away nothing seems to move... THATS GOTTA CHANGE! I did 2 plan-o-grams and filled them up with the new products. Shifted several fixtures to make the new 8 sections of vinyl work and then set that plan-o-gram. AND I helped take delivery of this weeks truck of 179 cartons... all of which has to be to the sales floor by the end of the day tomorrow. My office looks like a tornado hit... AGAIN@! And they have everything mixed together and disorganized so who knows what we've missed but I'll see what I can do to "fix it". AND tonight is the new sale set! UGH!!!!!! Some days I wonder if all this stress and work is worth what I am getting paid. OH well! I guess I'll grow with the Company or I'll move on in the New Year. I keep thinking about how much further I would be if I had gone to Business school at 18. I lacked the confidence then that I have now. I wonder if I could handle going back to school now. Perhaps if we can get this place ready to sell by Spring we could move up to our property and build our smaller Deltec home and then return to school for a couple years. I'd love to own my own Quilt Shop with beautiful high quality quilt fabrics and unique quilting tools. AH DREAMS! Everyone should have one or two that speaks to them SOUL DEEP!

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