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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Scott and I are both ready to get that cabin built now! Of course we have our jobs and the fact that this place needs so much done to it before it's ready to sell in the way of it. Scott was saying last night that he may be going to China soon for quality inspections and he may be traveling for as long as 2 to 3 weeks at a time.... UGH! I will miss him so much.

I'm seriously thinking about going to the Dr to see if I can get some medication to help me handle this stress. I was snappy yesterday at work and I don't like that. I feel I owe Barbara a HUGE apology for being so ugly. I wasn't feeling well and was extremely frustrated in the lack of movement on the freight from the day before and I fear I was showing it too much. Got to find my positive side again! It's just so hard to stay upbeat and positive these days and I'm not feeling the support I had before with the higher ups as we are still without a DTL and I am feeling kinda lost in left field running around looking for the ball. And now Christmas has arrived and we are seeing a big jump in sales and customer load but not in staffing hours. Hopefully the two will even out soon.

Enough on work! I am thinking about driving up to see my Mom on Friday. I also want to see Christina again. Mom says she is crawling all over the place now. And Doug is growing fast too; I miss seeing my nieces and nephews. Kandice has been writing to me and I've been sending her fun stuff I've found at my store. Just quick little fun craft projects to fill up some of her free time. Her birthday is next month got to think of something really fun for her! I don't hear from Kayla, Gwen or Drake much but they are all busy with their extracurricular activities. And Michael and Jason are grown with lives of their own. Jason has a little boy named, Drake as well and Michael drives truck and recently bought his own house in TN. I'm proud of them all.

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