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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YEAH! "A" School Classes have started!

Greg has finally started classes in his skill area - 13 weeks til completion! I'm so glad they've finally started up as he was getting so homesick again. He got a Peace sign Tattoo this week - I'm hoping it's not the start of more but he says he's not going to go crazy with it. And he has gained a new knick-kname... MR. BUNNIE. Apparently there are rabbits EVERYWHERE around the barracks and he fed ONE bread so now anytime he steps outside they are following him around. The Petty Officer's think it's hilarious!

Greg said yesterday that he is moving to a new room today and is hoping it's a single so he can have peace and quiet to study. He is still sounding so positive and upbeat and it makes us feel so good. GIRLS are starting to take notice and he has a "PACK" of Air-Force girls that follow him into the cafeteria when ever he goes there to eat.

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