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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stomach Bug

What a way to wake up. My stomach had me about bent in half... OUCH! Hopefully this is not something that is going to last all day as I'm off and don't want to spend the day in the bathroom. I have way too much to get done around here as always.

Yesterday I went to see the Cardiologist and he has given me orders for our regular doctor to do a cholesterol test and send him a copy of the results. He also made the recommendation that I start cholesterol lowering medication to reduce my risk of a heart attack. The part of my heart affected at the moment is just at the very tip and we don't want it to get any worse or move up into the upper part of my heart. I'm also having an A1C test done to see how I'm doing in the Diabetic area of my health. Sitting in the waiting room yesterday with all the Senior Citizens made me realize that I have to take charge of my health NOW more than ever if I don't want to become a permanent monthly attendee at the Cardiologist office.

Thats my health update for this week.

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