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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Doctor a DAY....

It seems that is how this week is going. Scott to the Doctor day before yesterday AND today and then me to the Dentist yesterday. Scott is staying home another 2 days to recover from the remodeling jobs; he has some pretty deep muscle pain that seems to be migrating down his right leg now. He is finding it hard to get comfortable at all today unless he is totally drugged up. Right now he is resting in one of the recliners. My Dentist appointment went good yesterday; I was handed MORE literature to read about the importance of oral care ESPECIALLY for Diabetics and people that take other medications. No cavities at all and so it will be another 6 months before I go again.

I'm working my way through the pile of laundry this morning as I have to work tonight. And I'm hoping that Scott won't tumble over getting ice from the freezer like he did last night. Our freezer is on the bottom so he was bent down to get some ice and said that he kinda just rolled on down to the floor. Gotta love muscle relaxers. Thankfully he didn't hit the floor hard.

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