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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Morning Movie

I am thoroughly enjoying my Netflix membership. This morning I watched The Thing About My Folks and it touched my soul deeply. It's about a son learning what his parents life and marriage was all about and how no matter what their love endured all that life had to give them. It makes one think about the importance of those that we join our lives to and how we should never take each other for granted. Never giving up on one's dreams but excepting reality when it pushes your dreams aside - it's all about the LIVING not the dreams. Taking time to appreciate ALL that life has to offer up to you and never hold on to regrets. I recently told my son that holding back because of fear will only lead to a life of regrets and that is something I don't want for him. To expect heartbreak from time to time but to LIVE and enjoy the life you are meant to have not some pipe dream.
Hug the ones you love, call your mother, father, sister's, brothers give your wife or husband encouragement when they need it and always love. Your children should always hear you say you love them every night and take every opportunity that you have to show them that love with your time and not a bunch of things that will be easily cast aside as interests change. Memories created together will last them their lifetime and you will always remain in their hearts forever.

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