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Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Morning Calm

I went ahead and got up with my alarm at 7 this morning. Yesterday I went back to bed after the alarm and all afternoon my back ached like crazy so I'm up and staying that way today. I'm off work today so I can catch up on house work and laundry. Mr Tesla and Little Nickie are sticking near me this morning and I can hear intermittent purrs out of both of them; they sound quite content after having their breakfast. Amelia is still waiting on her breakfast.

I'm going to make some bean soup today to try to use up the last of the ham from the boiled dinner that I made on the 30th of December. I'm kind of sick of ham sandwiches and sliced ham so we will chop it up and put it in the soup.

Scott is going to have to strip Greg's floor and start over with it as the stain reacted with the clear coat and it's made nasty spots all over the floor.So stripping is the only way to fix it. It has really bummed him out as we were so close to having it done. OH well lesson learned and we will let the stain cure a LOT longer before applying clear coat again. Greg's stuff will have to remain in our front room awhile longer.

I ordered some bed risers for Greg's bed so that I can slide plastic storage containers under his bed for all his magazines. I'll organize and label them all for him. It will help him find magazines he is looking for more easily and hopefully will help him keep the room neater as well.

The little black cat that Greg has been caring for on base has a home. He had posted a message about her on the bulletin board and the owners called him about her. The cat belongs to a Lieutenant and his wife that had moved off base. They will be picking her up tomorrow. Greg is kinda bummed about it as he had become quite attached to her but he knows that she needs to go home to her family and he isn't really supposed to have a cat anyway.

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