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Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to cold!

I'm looking forward to Spring now and warmer weather and YES some humidity. We've had the vaporizer and a pot of water on the stove since yesterday morning just to make it a little easier to breath. The moisture in the air helps so much.

Yesterday I sorted some more of Greg's magazines and then moved the bookshelf that he had been using in his room to the corner of the kitchen where the window used to be to test out whether we would find cabinets and shelves useful in that area when we remodel the kitchen. I moved my cookbooks back into the kitchen on this shelving unit as well as the appliances that we don't use often and I like it so far.

Scott's knee is still causing him a good bit of pain but he's pressing on and went to work. He is quite frustrated in the fact that it's taking awhile to heal this time.

I need to feed Amelia; she's all ready barking or should I say BOOFING at the kitchen window for her breakfast.

I went out to feed Amelia and she has dug into the side of one of the raised beds pretty badly so I turned the electric fence back on to keep her away from it so she won't do anymore damage to the bed.

I got a call to come in 2 hours earlier today so will need to take a lunch so I don't get ill at work. I just can't skip meals as it makes me feel horrible. And the bad part is I forgot my medication last night too. UGH!

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