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Monday, January 12, 2009

Scott pulled his back out and I found a neat new crochet site

Well Scott did his back in stripping Greg's bedroom floor. That floor has definitely been a learning experience. He got it about half way done yesterday and then ran out of stripper. Another Saturday and we will have it stripped. He says that he may need to rent the big sander one more time to do a fine sanding to remove the last little bit of the failed attempt. We are both so ready for this project to be completed. I plan to start on the valances and curtains this week and the shelves that go in the closet need to be painted as well. I ordered some magazine storage boxes and will organize Greg's collection so that he can easily find the ones he is looking for by looking at the front's of the boxes. I'm hoping that these boxes will fit under his bed with the risers that I bought. I will make a bed skirt for his bed to match the curtains so that no one can see under there. He is anxious to see it all finished as we update him on what we are doing when he calls. He won't see it until April maybe May when he gets to come home again. After that we aren't sure where he will go or what he will be doing. It's all really a wait and see. It's on a need to know basis and right now they've decided we don't need to know I guess.

I just found a new site I thought that I would share as well. It's a source for FREE afgan patterns. The title of this post is also a direct link if you don't want to copy and paste into the browser. She has some absolutely GORGEOUS patterns. I want to make the penguin afgan thats on this site.

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