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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chilly 25* morning

It's 25*F here this morning - CHILLY! Scott has returned to work with muscle relaxers at hand in case things get to feeling bad later in the day. I knew he was going back today as last night when I came in and asked if he wanted to run get a sandwich out somewhere and he said, "Yes, I'm about going stir crazy" that he was ready to return to work. His leg is still sore but not incapacitating like it was the past 3 days. SO... I've got the house to myself until I have to leave for work this evening. I'm only working 4 hours tonight; I think I can handle that. LOL!

I'm going to start the day cleaning house and then this afternoon I'm hoping to start another dishcloth. OR maybe sew some on the green quilt top since I believe I now have the PERFECT fabric for two borders for it.

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