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Thursday, January 15, 2009

C-O-L-D and it's going to get colder....

It's currently 34*F and by Friday we are expecting temps to drop down to 10*F... BRRRRrrr. Too cold for me. Luckily I will be home when the coldest temps arrive and I won't have to drive home on possible icy roads tomorrow night.

Today's freebie at Annie's Attic is a pair of crocheted tube socks using sport weight yarn. I want to make a pair of these. I love thick socks better than slippers to hang around the house in on cold or rainy days.

The magazine organizing boxes that I ordered from Amazon arrived yesterday so tomorrow I will be putting them to use on Greg's magazine collection. So they'll all be dealt with before we are trying to put his room back together again. Next I need to get something to organize his CD's, DVDs and games. I realize that he will probably not keep it organized but at least it will stay neat for a little while... until he comes home again. Ha Ha.

Greg's cat, Little Nickie is being a real suck-up today. He wants me to brush him and is sticking close to me this morning. I think he is trying to convince me into letting him stay in for the day as it IS so cold out. STINKER!

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