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Monday, January 19, 2009

Doctor Visit for Scott

OK... the floor stripping over a week ago hurt Scott's back so he's been taking it easy since then UNTIL yesterday when he decided to work on the laundry room project (YES... we are multitasking this remodeling and work a little here and there and it will all eventually get completed). He put insulation in the walls and hung some sheet rock out there. So when he got up this morning his thighs went into spasm and he could barely move. He tried to get dressed for work and got everything on except his shoes with lots of painful sounds being put forth. So I told him lets get you to the Doctor. He had one muscle relaxer left and took it just so we could get him to the Doctor's office, it kicked in hard about the time I pulled up to the door to let him out so he nearly fell getting out of the truck. He was prescribed a muscle relaxer, a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory. He couldn't wait to get back home so I brought him home got him in the bed and went back to the Pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions. He is sleeping now and will most likely stay in bed for the next 2 days. He is in absolute agony. I feel so bad for him.

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