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Saturday, January 17, 2009

What is today anyway....

I had to stop and really think this morning about what day this is - SATURDAY! AH! OK... in an hour earlier than scheduled and no lunch. UGH! I will have to take something to snack on so I don't get ill before I get off at 10 PM.

It's 14* here this morning at 8:30 AM. BRR! TOO COLD for me. As much as I hate the summer hunidity here I'm REALLY wishing for it this morning. Last night I gave Amelia one of our worn out comforters to help her stay warm last night. She just doesn't know how to behave well enough to stay indoors all night. I let her into the bonus room this morning to eat her breakfast and to warm up a bit. She seemed to enjoy that immensely.

Apparently getting Nick neutered has NOT slowed him down much as I just caught him on top of a very horny stripped female that I have never seen before. Tesla was having a fit watching through the window - pervert! SO in case anyone has wondered a cat left un-neutered for awhile that knows how his body works WILL NOT stop having sex after he is neutered. Just an FYI! I realize this may be TMI (too much info) for some but others may find it useful in some way.

Greg passed his Phase up test day before yesterday so now when he is not on duty he can wear civilian clothes and he can go "into town" on Liberty as long as he is back on base before Midnight. Last night was his first trip off base and he and a couple friends went to the Mall. They bought guitars and amps and some movies. Greg was so excited for the down time and having a guitar on hand will help him with the days that don't go well for him. Lately all I've heard is how GREAT each day has been. I LOVE hearing him so positive and upbeat. Today he said that he will be cooking on the grill again. He has become the un-assigned ship cook so to speak - they call him the GRILL KING! LOL

I'm looking forward to next weekend - I'll be off Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! A LONG weekend! YEAH! I'm working EVERY day until then so the first day will be just catching up on rest. WHEW! Luckily several days are just short little 4 hour shifts - 4 to 6 hour shifts suite me just fine.

I got some more ideas for Christmas gifts yesterday while visiting with my family so I want to get started on some more items. I'm creating a list of projects from the responses that I've received from family to an email I sent out asking for their favorite colors and what sorts of items they'd find useful. So far it's a short list as not many have responded to my email but thats ok... I'll just get creative with those and hope that they will enjoy what I make for them.

My brother Charles and wife, Alina are expecting a baby during the Summer. A new addition to our all ready HUGE family. But welcome just the same.

Well I better get to work on the huge pile of laundry - I've ignored it long enough.

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