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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blood Work

I went in to the doctor's office to have blood drawn this morning for the cholesterol and A1C tests. Once they get those results I will most likely start on a cholesterol lowering medication. UGH! I hate taking medications. I wasn't raised that way - I grew up learning that what ever didn't kill you just made you stronger.

After the doctor office I stopped at the post office to mail Greg's replacement phone and some shower effervescence to help his sinuses. There was a lady behind me at the machines but she kept talking and talking and talking to me about every step that I made - drove me NUTS. So I finally removed my package and let her use the machine so that she could use it and leave. I had to wonder if she wasn't trying to get my debit card code.

I'm going into work earlier today than I was scheduled to help move freight so that the new merchandise is all out. It kills me on how things just sit when the store manager is away. It happened when I was the manager and it still continues now when the Manager is out. When I ask what I can do to help move freight I'm just brushed off until it becomes a crisis... like the District Manager coming to visit in one week. UGH! If they utilized me better all the time we wouldn't have to go into panic crunch mode at the last minute.

Last night I decided to clean out one of the raised beds in the garden as the sun was going down. I accidentally ran my fork through one of the large toads that lives in our garden. I felt HORRIBLE and will now only dig about in the garden in the early morning hours. The toads are so beneficial to our garden that loosing one is truly heart breaking.

I'm working away on a knitted throw that I wish that I had started with larger knitting needles as it's progressing slowly. I try to do 4 or 5 rows a day but it just seems like I'm not getting very far each day. Oh well... I'm learning the knit stitch. The next project will be learning purl stitch and a combination of knit and purl. I am just struggling along trying to learn to knit. Crochet is more my bag but I love the way knit looks. Maybe in time I will get better and faster at knitting.

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