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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Morning - Working Morning!

I'm to be to work at 6 AM this morning to help with the fabric markdown and shift. It'll look a lot more like SPRING in the store when we are finished as all the Spring fabrics came in Friday. Some are absolutely beautiful; of course there are some that should have just stayed in the warehouse of whom they purchased from but most are wonderful fabrics. I'm a bit tired this morning since I closed last night but I'll make it.

I'll be home tomorrow and Scott will be back at work so I'll be here on my own and plan to tear into the house and do a bit of deep cleaning. I may even run a load of stuff over to HIS HOUSE to get rid of it. I also plan to sew and perhaps do a bit of work in the garden. It won't be long until we are starting seeds. I've been saving the corrugated type egg cartons to start seeds in. We also need to order some seeds to round out the garden with a variety of vegetables. We are determined to have a nice garden this year. I wish we had rain catchment barrels to water the garden from as buying water from the City isn't cost effective to having a garden. We don't water our lawn for the same reason and we believe it has made our lawn a lot less maintenance as we don't have to mow as often and the roots are longer which makes it less susceptible to drought and disease.

My Mom had a fender bender day before yesterday. She said it messed her truck up pretty good and she was sore but not injured badly. I worry about her driving as she always seems so tired. She should not having been driving that day either as she was falling asleep at the table before she left the house. I wish that I lived closer sometimes to take care of her better.

Better get ready to head out the door; the oatmeal I made for breakfast seems to be upsetting my stomach so I'll just grab a glass of milk to hold me over until lunch.

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