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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Visiting We did go...

Last evening Scott's Mom called and said his brother, Steve and  wife, Jane were there with their Grandson, Drake so we decided to pop over for a visit. 

Jane the "Scrapbook Queen" was surprised when Scott pulled out the camera and started taking pictures... I'm usually the picture taker. He got a couple good ones and I thought that I would share them here.

They had their two pups with them and Yoggie had to get in a picture with Steve. HAM BONE!

I sat and watched Drake playing his video games. I'm always amazed at how kids seem to have a direct connection to these things. I do worry that they are TOO involved with these gaming systems and not connected to their families as much but it is a very different time we are living in. Scott and I even talked about this the other day saying if we could have done one thing different we would have never aloud the electronic games to be brought into our home. Once Greg moves out and takes his with him we will be a NO GAMING household unless it's cards or a board game where we actually communicate with the children in our lives.


  1. I am with you on the no electronic games thing. I wish I had never bought them for my kids, either. Some kids can take them or leave them, but others become obsessed. My little one has NO electronic toys... and we are keeping it that way! And they had no personal laptops until they graduated high school. Just bought one for my son and he never touches it... yet. And no cell phones until they went off to college. If they really needed one, they borrowed mine.
    You look terrific BTW. Are you feeling better lately?

  2. I've been feeling a good bit better - just in time to pull a swing shift week with over nights and early mornings all week long... something tells me I will feel like I'm living for the weekend's arrival by Wednesday.

  3. It is amazing to watch the kids with their video games they get so absorbed by them they seem to disappear. B

  4. It is insanity how much people can get into video games if you ask me. It like they are in their own world. It also seems like they like that world better!! Same with TV. Waiting for my nephew at the doctors office I read an article about how "basic skills" for children are changing greatly. It said that a 5 year old is much more likely to know how to play a video game than tie their shoes. Isn't that wacky?! But, when my nephew came out I asked him if he knew how to tie his shoes and he did not. They use velcro now so he never had to learn.

    I used to be a serious Sims 2 junkie, but gave it up a year or more ago. I realized I was making these fake people the perfect homesteaders (gardening skills, sewing skills, cooking skills, etc) when I should really just be working on my own real life skills in those areas. So now I do. My sister were sad when they heard I quit. I found that sort of odd.


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