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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Another Sunday along the River

Scott and I decided to go to the Riverwalk this morning before it got "TOO" hot. By the time we returned to the car we were both drenched in sweat but we had a wonderful time and noticed so many texture's and nature at work....

Click on photos to enlarge as I made them all small to help folks with slow connections. ENJOY!

I set the third picture up as my new desktop and it looks AWESOME!


  1. That is probably a very serene screensaver, I just love the colors of nature.

    We were at the riverwalk this morning too, got there at 930 and it still wasn't too bad b/c it was so overcast. Though it probably helped that we stuck our feet in the river.

  2. Some amazing photos there Becky!

  3. THANKS Maria! I love taking picture's and keep thinking about taking a course at the local Technical College for Photography so I can get better.

    My son, Greg and his girlfriend, Rachel spent ALL day yesterday in the river rafting and came home sunburned REALLY bad. When we came in last night they were each in a recliner under a blanket... definitely TOO MUCH son. And they were exhausted!... sound asleep in the chairs.

  4. Becky I love your Sunday walks. Thanks for making the photos smaller I do the same now. I think most rural folk have slow downloads. B


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