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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Change of Plans

I have decided to make some Fall/Winter PJ's for both boys and I will be using a different pattern. I'm making view A but with short sleeves as it rarely gets THAT cold here. I'm making 2 sets for each boy as I can cut two out at once and save time. I had some wonderful flannel in my stash perfect for both of them. I'll post pictures when they are complete. I still have about half the pieces to cut out for Austin. Phoenix's are ready to be sewn together and I am hoping to do that tomorrow afternoon.
I did a bit of house keeping on my Facebook Account and only kept folks on there that communicate with me regularly. The ones I know truly care about me and enjoy conversing with me on-line as well as in person.

And we've just taken a relaxing day at home for the most part. Ate a tremendous  meal at Scott's Moms' - YUMMY! But other than that we have stuck close to home; Scott was feeling a bit under the weather.

Time for some sleep for me!


  1. Little boys can always use flannel pajamas. It's smart to cut two pair out at the same time. Hope Scott is feeling better today. Still praying that the job works out for him.

  2. I usually only make the bottoms for my boys and they use T-shirts with them. Great idea to cut both at once.


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