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Monday, August 15, 2011


So.....  I finally decided to jump in and finish the 5 Autograph Star blocks for that swap I'm trying to get completed and my Rotary Cutter would NOT stay open. Anytime I tried to put pressure down on it to cut the lock would release and it would close up on me. UGH! I pulled out my ad from Jo-Ann Fabrics and discovered that the rotary cutters were on sale at 40% off AND I had also received a coupon from them in my email for 20% off your total INCLUDING sale items so Scott and I went by there after we stopped at the Post Office so he could mail a package to Brazil. I got a new rotary cutter and 2 replacement blades for $16.41. AND they have titanium blades so they should stay sharper longer.

I came home and cut the remaining segments that I needed and have most of the first seems sewn... just one more blocks worth before I can start forming them into the blocks. YEAH! I had hopped to have these done and gone before this past Friday but just couldn't find my sewing MoJo.

Now for something probably most of you would never see on your kitchen tables but I had to share...
TOLD YA! You can tell we have a son in the Navy can't you... wine and a gas mask!


  1. Wow! Wine, gas mask, and tissues...hmmm very curious!

    Awesome deal on the rotary cutter and blades!

  2. We are thinking the same way! One of the ladies in my Sjogren's support group is a quilter and told me that I have the wrong kind of rotary cutters (stick-style is hard on the wrist and hands) and recommended the one you bought. I had gotten the sales flyer and planned to go this week, too. (I never checked my email coupon -- thanks for the heads up!) My son has college orientation this week down the road from Joann's so I planned to get one.

    The gas mask made me chuckle... could come in handy if you are cooking something smelly like cabbage, collards, etc. ;-)

    Thanks again!

  3. Wow that is a different combination of center piece for your table. :) B


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