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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I decided to cook a couple of the butternut squash that had come up volunteer in our garden this Spring and WOW! I haven't seen butternut squash THIS deep orange in YEARS! There really is something special about vegetables that you grow yourself. I mean seriously.... look how deep orange these are...
The last few we've bought from the store have been barely beige! Nothing like these. I can hardly wait to eat dinner. LOL! We will plant more of these next year in addition to any that decide to come up on their own.

And my "little" boy is turning 25 tomorrow morning at 10:10 AM! Every year I wonder why the time had to pass so quickly. Here he is "helping daddy" fix the car wasn't he cute?


  1. It certainly is a cute photo of your son :-) Those squash look yummy! here in Australia, we call them butternut pumpkins.

  2. The squash was DELICIOUS! I love learning what things are called all over the World! Thanks for telling me.

  3. Our butternuts didn't do well at all...they got tilled under a couple weeks ago but I just planted some acorn squash and hoping they are done in time for Thanksgiving.

    Your picture made me hungry for hubby loves them with butter and brown sugar sprinkled on them...yum yum!


  4. Awwwww....and a happy birthday to your son!

    I absolutely adore my volunteer squash....though I haven't yet gotten to eat any! I am glad to hear yours tasted as great as it looked.

  5. Beautiful squash! All we get are those nasty straw-colored ones here, and I even tried buying the organic ones!


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