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Monday, September 29, 2008


Saturday was amazing! Nearly everyone that was invited to Greg's party came and we all had so much fun. I didn't get any pictures we were all just having such a wonderful time talking that I didn't even think about the cameras. Greg was so happy to have his family and friends around him. He leaves next week... I can hardly believe the ship out date is here. I had way too much food as always but that was all right.

We got to meet Alina, Charles bride and she seems quite nice. Kayla has some adjusting to do as she has had her dad all to herself for so long and she pretty much has ruled the roost. She has got to give her dad a chance at happiness with a life partner. He has really sacrificed a lot for her all these years and it's time he made her realize that it's not all about her and never should have been; she is terribly self centered and selfish.

Ronda was still acting like a teenager and took a tumble off a 2 wheeled skate board thing - a zip stick? She took some skin off her left hand and twisted her left leg pretty good. I told her she is nearly 30 years old and perhaps she ought to think about starting to act like it as well. HA HA

All in all it was a wonderful day!

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