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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn is HERE!

The mornings are starting to become more nippy and it's so delightfully crisp and fresh. I'm starting the preparations for Greg's going away party/picnic. Before I head off to work I want to have the bathrooms clean (done); beds made up with fresh linens - probably won't get to Greg's until tomorrow and I want all the laundry done. If I can also get the den and kitchen swept and mopped I will have accomplished a lot. Tomorrow I am off and I am hoping to get Greg out in the yard with me getting it all mowed and cleaned up. I've got to find another flag pole for the US Navy flag I purchased and I will need to buy food items for the party. We aren't sure how many are to attend as not many have RSVP'd yet. Hopefully enough people will come to eat up the food I have planned. If not we will be eating leftovers FOREVER! I always fix way too much food. Friday I will be preparing food all day... baking pies; making up hamburger patties and chicken fillets and making up salads (macaroni and potato)... I want to get as much as I can done the day before so that I can focus on the family and friends and not so much on the food on Saturday.

Yesterday at work I shifted a bunch of seasonal around and I reset the scissors; ended up working an hour and 15 minutes longer than I had planned but thats ok... it's done! Not sure what they will have planned for me for today but as long as it makes the hours pass quicker I'm game.

I think I'll go eat some breakfast now.

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