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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Early Morning!

I awoke at about 5:15 this morning and just couldn't go back to sleep. Once Tesla heard me up and moving he was teasing for his breakfast. He is currently cleaning up from his breakfast just 5 feet from me. He is most definitely one of the most spoiled cats on Earth,

I've got to be to work by 1 today as I will train on the new system 1 to 5 today. Should be interesting. I'm hoping that my updated availability was read and accepted as I have got to be home more if we are to have this place ready to sell by next Summer. I will focus mainly on the yard for awhile as it has been sorely neglected. I plan to pot up and move a bunch of stuff to our property and reconfigure the front lawn a bit. I will also put down lots of fresh pine straw around all the bushes and as I've said before we plan to move the rocks to the property so it will be necessary to mulch heavy to maintain the flower beds.

Time to get some breakfast started for Scott and I... and Greg if he is up when it's ready. He has to report in at 9 AM this morning with the Petty Officer.

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