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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crisp Fall Mornings

I so love these crisp fall mornings; especially on the weekends when everyone is sleeping in late and the traffic noise is minimal. You can hear all the birds awakening for the day with their sing song voices coming through the open windows; no a/c required at this time of year. There is a big dog barking in the distance; sounds like a bored bark and not an alert of any type. Almost sounds more like a plead for attention; it's quiet now so perhaps his wish was granted.

Yesterday Scott and I worked out in the garden for awhile before I went into work. I've moved the windmill to a corner bed so that we can re-vamp the center of the garden a bit and I will be able to take my windmill to our acreage more easily now. I've got to pot up the rosemary and hope that it survives the winter in the pot in the garden. I want to move it to the property next Spring.

Before I went to work yesterday I also ordered a wedding gift from Bed, Bath and Beyond for my Brother, Charles and future wife, Alina . I got them the slow cooker that was on their list. I plan to buy a cookbook to go with it but will wrap that to take to the reception so that they will have a package to open there. I had the slow cooker sent to their home. So much going on this Fall - Gwen went off to college (Robin's Daughter); New baby Phoenix (for brother, Jack and wife Nichole); Greg going off to the Navy (our son) and then the wedding of brother Charles and Alina. SO many happy events!

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