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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Relaxed Sunday

After the family and friend filled day Saturday Scott and I NEEDED some "down time"... some time to just be together and exploring nature a bit. So we took Amelia to the Riverwalk and together we spied and photographed some amazing things along the way. Scott captured the images so amazingly well that I had to share some with our readers.The still art photo of tools, a cell phone and a bag of silver wear was quite unusual and we wondered where the owner was... hopefully not swept away by the force of the river. We have tried to stress the power of the river to Greg but he still insist tubing down it is perfectly fun and safe. Just look at the huge trees that were thrown up on the old locks... doesn't look safe to me. I need to research the red flower as it was so striking that it caught my attention from 25 feet away. And the fun "I SPY" photos of the snail, herring and lizard... can you see them? You will probably need to click on them to make them bigger.

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