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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Was Not So Bad Today

I got to work this morning and a burst of energy came upon me and even with training two new people I had my area done in just 2 hours. I wish I had 1 or 2 people with me all the time but generally it's me stocking six 25 foot isles on my own - scrap-booking adhesives, card crafting, scrapbook pads and paper; individual sheets of scrapbook paper, scrapbook albums, floral embellishments, scrapbook pens and markers, rubber stamps, stickers, tools and technology, cutters and trimmers, Cricut, Slice and Cuttlebug and regular glues and adhesives as well as clay. SO it was AWESOME to have the help and getting it all done in 2 hours instead of the full 5 1/2 hours it takes me on my own. My section also includes Jewelry but they have assigned that to a single person and she does it all which I'm very happy about as all those strands of beads take FOREVER! So in a nut shell that's my Tuesdays and Thursday from now until Christmas - "slinging" freight so the merchandise is on the sales floor for the customers when the doors open at 9 AM. WHEW! I took a nice nap once I got home and had a bit of lunch - I think I needed it.

Someone is waiting.....
I told him Saturday I will spend the entire day in there with him but he is wanting me in there this evening... perhaps a bit of sewing IS the best medicine. He will actually climb up on the table and watch the machines work. He knows to just look and not touch. Most days he is Scott's best buddy and stays on top of Scott's desk but the last few days he has stuck pretty close to me and "checks" on me if I make any negative sounds. I truly believe animals "feel" whats going on with their people long before we do ourselves.

So Tesla says I need sewing time... I think I will listen to him. Dr Tesla RULES!

A certain little boy in my life has asked for a Shark Quilt for Christmas. I am having a really hard time finding shark fabric locally and the postage and cost per yard are so high online. I'm going to do a search for fabric stores within close driving distance and check them out as time and money allows. I have 2 prints so far; both are blue. If I have to I will come up with another plan... perhaps some stitchery blocks using blue thread on a white background. I could print off some simple coloring pages for that and transfer them to the fabric. HHHHmmmm.... thinking going on here - watch for steam.

I think I'm going to make up a "kitchen" basket with potholders, dish clothes, some of our family favorite recipes... still thinking about what else I could add. Incidentally I LOVED the wild picnic basket idea!

I want to thank you all for putting up with my occasional rants and I appreciate your input immensely! Thank you for taking the time to read our little blog. I think I was having a rant day in this picture....


  1. Becky,

    If you can't find shark fabric, how about some water fabric like I used in my Fish Quilt, and appliqueing the sharks on? This technique is so easy and I did my first applique (a dolphin) using it.

    You may even find blocks where you piece to make the sharks. Just a couple of thoughts...

  2. If I was working in your aisle I would get so distracted. I love scrapbooking stuff. What if you made a plain fabric quilt and applique (is that the right spelling) some shapes to make up a shark?

  3. Wow you work way to hard they should give you a raise. I rant too blogger family do not care. I love the mood girl :). B


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