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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mushroom/Fairy Circles

Everywhere we look there are Fairy circles; I saw a LOT on my way home from work today and was telling Scott about them and he said, "You should see the ones by the start of the Riverwalk". So we decided to take the old truck out for a drive and he drove down so I could see them and take a few pictures. Just look at how many there are in this first picture...WOW! I wish I could be home all this week so that I could go around and photograph all the ones I've seen today.

It's been a very exhausting week so far at work... I can feel the tension in the air and will be SO GLAD to have the Corporate Visitor back in his office so the Mangers will take a deep breath and just enjoy the days. Everything will get done and everything will be all right. I'm SO not into the stress level and am very happy that I am not a Manager anymore.

This weekend is the Congaree Bluegrass Festival here in Cayce and we are looking forward to attending. I need to get some handwork pulled together to work on while we sit and enjoy the music.

I have two Round Robin's here now that I need to add my 2 borders to and then send on to the next person. One is a pastel and the other is a Fall theme. Both will be fun to work on; I just need to settle on an idea as I have several in mind for each of them.
Diane's Pastel Round Robin

Kathy's Fall Round Robin
And I have the PJ's to finish now that I have the basket safely off to New York. I hope that with all the donations that they will be able to help many of the families that were affected by the flood.


  1. Love the fall quilt! Enjoy the Bluegrass festival -- I love bluegrass! Hope the weather cooperates and you have a great time.

  2. Enjoy the Bluegrass Fest..this weekend is our home towns "Apple Festival" but with the rainy cold weather the past few days unless the weather gets better We won't be attending..My allergies are really aweful this year...
    Love the Fall square...
    ~~Peace & Love & Blessings~~

  3. How magical it seems! :-). Love your quilting work!

  4. You certainly have a lot of craft skills. Enjoy the concert

  5. I'm glad you all liked the blocks; I will post more pictures once I've added my bit around them. So far it's just work of others in the Round Robin but I agree they are lovely.


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