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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pirate Cat Socks!

It's Wednesday, aka HUMP day and I'm calling for a Pirate Cat Sock day! Of course I'm probably the only one that owns a pair of Pirate Cat socks. Which makes me think perhaps I should look for MORE cat socks to open up the options. Bad days always go better in a pair of cat socks.

I hate changes in my schedule but it had to be done today. I'll be trying to rework a whole 25 foot side counter during the lunch rush; which means I WON'T get done. They'll be calling me to the register and I will be doing a bunch of guest service. I hate when the Boss is out of town. The Holiday Season has just begun and I'm feeling  that... "I want out of Retail NOW feeling". OH well... I'll muddle on.


  1. Love the socks Becky!I found a 'sock shop' in Carmel and I went crazy buying 'cat' socks for myself and friends...but I didn't see any pirate ones! lol

  2. Abby and Phoenix would love those socks. Phoenix is gunna be a pirate for Halloween. Abby loves kitties!


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