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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two More Days.... REALLY?

I have two more days of work before I can just stay home and relax. I'm so ready for the weekend!

The freezer we've had since we first married croaked and Scott and Greg drug it to the street. Scott was hoping it was just a switch that he could change out but it was flat out done. The man from down the street took it to the scrap yard so we were happy someone got some use out of it. Scott scrambled to get everything moved to the freezer on the bottom of our fridge in the kitchen and still ended up having to call his Mom to see about using some space in her freezer for all the green beans that I did up a few months back. I guess I will be canning more now. This weekend I will make up some blackberry jam with the berries in the freezer to open up space for other things that need to be frozen. LOTS to do this weekend. Saturday I will be finishing up the gift basket so I can ship it out Monday. I'll post pictures before I package it up. I sure hope it helps them raise some money to help  those that lost everything in their basements and some even the first floor as well.If you are on Facebook they have a Donation Page as well "Floodfest Greene"

The Corner "5 and Dime"

Where I attended 7th to 12th grade - GCS

The Sherwood Motel

These photo's were taken in Greene in 2008 when I drove to NY for my 25th High School Reunion.

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