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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Basket Progress

Here is what I have completed so far for the "Handcrafted Basket" I am donating to my Home Town's Flood recovery efforts...
Three hand knitted dish clothes.

A Christmas Table Runner.

A HUGE canvas tote bag that I decided to fully line with a fun print.
 I was bad and went for a walk with Scott and then we went to lunch at Zesto's so I lost about 2 hours of sewing time but we "needed" a bit of time together.  Tomorrow I will make some more things for the basket and "report in" here tomorrow night.


  1. The things you are preparing are so cool!

  2. Your table runner is so pretty...I have a pattern in my to-do box just waiting for me to get started.

  3. that's some fine stitchin'

    brenda from arkansas

  4. You are such an caring awesome person. Those things are beautiful B

  5. I had to smile that sneaking off with your husband for two hours was being "bad." I hope you two had a lovely time! The basket will no doubt brighten the recipient's day.


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