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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Thank God it's THURSDAY! Only one more day until Friday. I have wanted to be a home body ALL week this week. I come home absolutely exhausted from the physical labor involved in my job but worse from all the negative energy in the air. I hate change but understand it's part of life but don't cope well with lots of Drama. Drama is running rampant at the moment and I want to just step away from it. I wonder what they would do if I requested an entire week off... I bet there WOULD be lots of Drama then. AH well... reality is we NEED my little paycheck so I'll trudge on.

I'm trying to come up with some ideas for a gift basket I could donate to the Flood Recovery Efforts in my hometown of Greene, New York. I don't have long to pull something together as they will need what I can come up with before October 2nd when they are doing the event where the baskets will be raffled off. Perhaps some "orphan" blocks will be pulled from my stash to make a quilt up real quick. THINK THINK THINK!

For those that believe in Prayer I have a couple requests... My sister-in-law is dealing with some nasty side affects of chemo that have come upon her unexpectedly and could use some added strength. And a friend has been dealing with blood clots in his lungs and could use a little support there. And several friends have recently lost beloved pets and they need comfort. Thank You.


  1. Love your blog layout. I'm a teacher on the Kapiti Coast of N.Z so don't know about physical labour. However the kids seem to tire me out on a daily basis.

  2. Firstly I will definitely keep your sister in law and friend in my prayers. My own daughter went through chemo so I know the miserable world that is chemotherapy.

    Do you have to make up the gift basket? That is so exciting - I love things like that!

  3. Most fun gift basket I made: bought a $2 5 gallon paint bucket with lid and covered it with fabric strips soaked in glue and water. Put artificial flowers around edge of lid. Wrote on lid in crazy letters with a marker: RETRO PICNIC set for 4 for a CRAZY Day.

    Added 4 unmatched cups, 4 saucers, unmatched silverware, 4 serged fabric napkins (all different), old salt and pepper shakers (filled but unmatched) etc. Perhaps serge quickly a large patch small ground tablecloth (denim would be fun)....and add an envelope of coupons from fast food restaurants.

    If there is a college town closeby...that is who bought mine. Kooky kids. Anyway, it is fun to think of making it.....and think of the junk at home you could get rid of. :)

  4. Sorry about your darn job. My prayers are with your family and friends. B

  5. Sometimes life just gets in the way doesn't it?! LOL!
    I will keep your SIL and your friend in my prayers. We just lost a dear friend of our's on Sunday, and he leaves behind a wife and 5 children. So many people we have known over the years are gone now, and I guess I could accept it better if we were in our old age, but when you lose people in their 40's it just doesn't make sense.
    I hope you can find some rest and relax over the weekend. I'll keep you in my prayers as well.
    Take care! :)

  6. I will most certainly pray for those you mentioned...and sending hugs to you for working's not always rewarding work until the paycheck comes that reminds us why- oh- why we put up with it...
    Sorry, I have no ideas for the gift..I'm having trouble myself thinking of gift ideas for the GRANDS for Christmas..Yes, I need to plan this far ahead...


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